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The List

The List


A lot of us have that fictional list of people we would sleep with if your partner allowed you to step out of your relationship for a night.  It can be sometimes eye opening to see if someone has a type and you fit into that.  I find it comical, because it is pretend.  Luckily I am with someone who feels the same way about it, because I am sure in some relationships one would never dare to tell their partner who they find attractive.  Whether they feel it takes something away from their relationship or may even spark some jealousy.  Get over it people, it’s not real.

My top 3

  1. Keanu Reeves.  Need I say more.  He’s someone who has been a crush of mine since Point Break made it’s debut.  In the recent John Wick movies he’s just as handsome, over 20 years later.  He is the guy my boyfriend approves of the most, mainly because of his philanthropy and the fact that he just seems like he’s a genuinely nice person.  Haha, thanks for the stamp of approval babe!
  2. Jon Snow.  Not so much Kit Harrington, but Kit Harrington as Jon Snow.  He is just so awesome in Game of Thrones.  His story line went from one of my least favorites in the show progressively climbing to my most anticipated and favorite parts of the series.  He’s hot.  Alive, dead, undead, as a bastard or as a king.  I had a yummy dream about him (on accident, I can’t control my dreams) and he quickly made his way to my number 2 spot on my list.
  3. David Beckham, Ben Affleck, and Charlie Hunnam.  It’s a 3 way tie.  No not because I am trying extend my list, I would never do such a thing.  Mostly because I am torn and I go back and forth between deciding who would be the right man for the job at number 3, of course if Keanu and Jon Snow were not available.  Wait…I forgot about Ryan Reynolds.  Correction, 4 way tie!

My Man’s Top 3

  1. Kate Beckinsale
  2. Kate Upton
  3. Ava Green, I think.  I’m positive about the first 2 and their positions in his heart, or loins.  But I know Ava is up there somewhere close to the number 3 spot.

I approve!  I think it’s a well rounded group of beautiful and talented ladies.  Spanning in ages, body types and hair colors.  Good job babe!


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