About Me

  Orange county resident and native, girlfriend to her Prince Charming, Italian Greyhound dog mom, daughter, sister, auntie, friend.  Michelle is passionate about dogs, and a huge animal lover.  She has lived in San Diego, Hawaii, San Francisco, Napa, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong.  Spending over 25 years in hospitality, she is an expert in nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.  Michelle loves writing, traveling, beauty, sunsets, and her toes in the sand.  


Why I Decided to Blog


Speaking My Truth

     I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for some time, I love to write.  I’m that girl who writes paragraphs when I text someone.  Some may call it “long winded.” 

     My inspiration comes from where I am in my life right now.  I’m far from where I want to be in some aspects of my journey, but also right where I want to be in others and even surpassing my own hopes and dreams for myself in certain areas.  I rarely consider myself an adult, I still identify with being a girl so much more often.  Yet the coolest thing about getting older is getting to know the real you.  It sounds cheesy, but the clarity of knowing who you really are is extremely liberating.

      I know I can’t keep chocolate in the house or I will eat all of it.  Maybe or maybe not in one sitting. I know I look ridiculous in anything with ruffles.  Not sure if it’s my big boobs, or the fact that I’m tall and not petite, but it’s not a good look and never will be on me.  I know what red flags to look for in relationships and friendships, so I don’t waste my time or love on people who are not supposed to be in my life.

      All of this comes from my experiences and number of years I have been on this planet. That’s why I have named one of my blog topics, forty deuce.  I turned 42 a few months ago, I hopefully do not look it and I do not feel that age on the inside.   My boyfriend is nearly 28, we feel like we are the same age and a lot of times I even feel like he is more mature than me.  I’m not trying to get a groove back I never lost or relive my youth, I am still in my youth as far as I’m concerned.  Maybe just a little further into it than some.  

     I have spent many years traveling and moving around, hence the name of one of my other blog categories, my adventures.  Planning on making some more in 2018.  Trips not moves!

     Bar Star is a topic that I will probably have the hardest time writing, because I have such a love/hate feeling about the subject.  The behavior I have seen by the men and women that come into these Bars and Nightclubs is absolutely baffling.  I guess when you are pushing the last legal drug (with the exceptions of the legal weed smoking states) it’s par for the course.  But if there is one thing I am qualified to discuss it will be this, spending over two decades watching these establishments, their clientele, the music, and trends morph over the years.

     I couldn’t leave out Beauty.  It is my vice.  My guilty pleasure.  My favorite thing to spend money on. Between hair, makeup, and skin care there are so many options.  I fall prey to trying new things I don’t need all the time, but I also have my can’t live withouts, new and old.  I was in love the first time I walked up to a makeup counter and watched a makeup artist do her thing.  I worked in LA and Las Vegas for a long time and picked up beauty tips along the way.

     Last but not least, my little guy, Maximus. I could seriously talk about him all day.  And I have friends that could give a shit less, and I get it.  I sometimes feel that way about people’s babies. Not everyone’s babies.  But most.  Dog people are the best, and get it.  I could not have a blog and not talk about my first soulmate. 🐾

     So… I’m just a real person writing truthfully about the things I love and know.  I talk a lot about my age, maybe too much, but hopefully the theme of my overall writing projects more of being “ageless” instead of fabulous at 40.  That just sounds like something from an older generation, not mine.  Don’t get me wrong the older generation was rad, I was raised by two strong-willed baby boomers that taught me to be a hard worker and introduced me to some seriously cool music growing up.  But I don’t believe most people can be put in a nicely shaped box of who they are according to age.  I like to dress in what makes me feel comfortable and if that means I shop where the millennials do instead of wearing mom clothes from Sears, I’m ok with that.  My generation, in my opinion, was way cooler to grow up in because we interacted with each other and were not staring at our iphones 24/7, but growing up behind the technological boom was not ideal.  You just can’t win them all, no generation can.  So I pick and choose for what best fits me and I do not place myself in a box.

January 20, 2018