Losing A Family Member

January 5, 2018

Spoiler Alert: It may be a tear jerker     

     Typically my first post under Maximus would be about Max, but I am so sad today because my family lost another one of our furry family members, my sister’s french bulldog.  He was 9 and a half years old and he joined my father and my mom’s dog Layla, a beautiful and sweet boxer who we lost 2 months ago, somewhere over the rainbow. 

     Losing these dogs is so heartbreaking because they have not become just a huge part of our lives, they have become our family, our best friends, our sons and daughters, and at times what seems to be my most important confidant.  They are extremely important to us, but to them… we are everything.  My first dog that was solely mine is Maximus, an italian greyhound that weighs in at 20 pounds and brings me an unmeasurable amount of joy.  But I have been around dogs since I was in the womb.  These animals bring a sort of unconditional love to everyone who has ever owned and loved a dog.  Max came into my life when I needed him the most.   For this, I will always be not only grateful but vigilant in taking care of him to my fullest and best capability.  Only dog people understand what losing our dogs mean to us.  When it is my time to go I hope that Maximus is there by my side to show me the way to the light.

Our beauty Layla

Why You Should Get A Dog

April 11, 2018

My dog…

Life with Maximus

I always tell my little guy to “never leave me,” knowing that one day he will and I will have to tell him it is ok to do that. When they say dogs come into your life sometimes when you need them the most, they are not kidding. The hardest few years of my life were my first few years I had Max. I felt the most lonely, the most scared, the most unsure about my life path and I probably cried the most in those few years than I have my whole life… times 10. This dog was meant to join me as my little baby and create a mini support system that I desperately needed in my home on an everyday kind of basis.

I didn’t buy him, I didn’t adopt him, I kind of inherited him from a very short and unsuccessful relationship. I entered in to being his caretaker and his Mommy sort of unknowingly but it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. A dog can get you out of bed when you don’t want to and make you go outside and be a part of the world because he needs his exercise, bathroom breaks, and to be fed. Having a dog really helps with getting the fuck over yourself as well. We all get caught up and sometimes wallow in our own petty crap for far too long, but just like having a kid puts things in to perspective for some, having a dog can do that as well. I 🖤 doggies!  I love Maximus!  

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