Michelle...So what's her deal... anyway?

TRAVEL LIFEI began traveling when I was in the womb.  Once upon a time–many moons ago–my father boarded a plane and caught a glimpse of a super hot flight attendant…aka Mom.   One year later out popped yours truly.

With my mother always flying to international destinations, I was fortunate enough to occasionally accompany her.  I always have assumed this played a role in developing my burning desire to travel and tendency to move so often. Once I became old enough to go it alone, the wanderlust fascination majorly kicked in.


What began as a little passion side project has become a full out obsession.  I was just looking to get some creative juices flowing, because I was seriously lacking in that field.  I quickly realized I had more to say and share than I ever thought possible.  Life with Michelle is made with love.  It came from a place inside that was questioning whether I was really living my best life.  It has given me the courage to design a future that my dreams were made of.  My hope is to inspire you to Journey Beyond Vanilla


I reside in Orange County with the two male loves of my life.  These men give me the support and confidence required to bare my soul.  The first being a truly solid human being who I am a deeply in love with.  Babe happens to be over a decade younger than me- but ever so slightly more mature. The other boy is my 9 year old Italian Greyhound.  Weighing in at only 20 pounds…what my fur baby (Maximus) lacks in stature, he makes up for with his larger than life personality.